Just like a wheel needs spokes to be able to turn at high speed without breaking, our life needs to be built by certain principles to be able to actually go the direction of our dreams.

There are 8 principles that, once you have these in place and aligned, will start to take your life into any direction you want or set your heart on.

If your anything like me (and I know you are, because you are reading this!) you are probably fighting and working your way towards your goals, not understanding why they aren’t coming closer. Chances are, that at least one of these principles is out of place!

If we really knew what to do, we would have different results

If the fighting and working would really pay off, we would get our results faster, and, even more importantly, we would feel fulfilled and happy when we get them. Fact is, that even when you actually get what you want, you probably won;t get what you really wanted.

Let me explain: most people want inner peace. But you think you will get it by working under heavy stress. So you convince yourself stress, strain and fear is all part of the game, and think it will all dissolve ‘once you get money’ or ‘once you get this and that’. Fact is that many people who actually succeed in becoming the millionaire they wanted to be, still don;t have the inner peace they where after in the first place.

Even if you actually know what to do, you probably won’t get the results 

Many entrepreneurs take up courses, study, work hard at learning what to do. And still don’t get what they wanted. If that ever happened to you, you probably think that the course just wasn’t that good. In reality, there is a great chance that one of the 8 principles pulling you down without you even knowing it.

Listen carefully to these 8 principles

In the following weeks we will dive into each of them in depth. For now, here they all in an overview. Most of these are very counter intuitive. In the podcast I will talk about all of them briefly. Tune in the following weeks to actually hear stories and learn how to align these in your life so you will experience change!

Principle 1: You always get what you want

Principle 2: Subconscious Patterns make out 80% of your results

Principle 3: You have to Believe it before you can See it

Principle 4: Everything is LOVE

Principle 5: Habits rule 80% of your life

Principle 6: Your Little Voice is a very trustworthy compass

Principle 7: People around you determine who you are or become

Principle 8: You will always live your purpose

Listen, share your story in the comments, feel free to share with as many people as you like, let’s start aligning!

To leadership and love, xo Suze

PS Leave your questions here as comment so I can take these into the following episodes!