The internet seems to be filled with people wanting to ‘Create the Life your Heart and Soul Desire’. It is all over the place. But what does it really mean?

I read and hear wonderful people talking about where they are now, that it wasn’t always like that, that they now have the ‘Magic Formula’, and if you just buy their program, they will turn it all around for you.

Often I actually believe their stories. And I have followed many awesome programs. But there is always one element missing: implementation. Even though people seem to talk about that part, they hardly ever say more than something along the lines of: just do it.

And I know from my personal experience that there is a lot more to say than just that!

What I have learned in implementing, is that it is exactly THERE that the magic really happens. And it is exactly there that you encounter the subconscious patterns. If the ‘just doing it’ part where really that easy to figure out, a lot more than 3% of the people would be having results!

I know one thing for sure: while it is your own journey, and often a very personal one, you will NEVER get there by trying to ‘figure it all out in a corner’ and then hoping to come out all neatly set and done at once.

Changing the actual outcomes in your life, and really crafting the uncompromised life requires you to get out there while it is NOT perfect. While you have NO IDEA of what you will be getting as respons, and falling flat on your face time after time until you start to shift.

It is NOT an easy task, and it will never be. You have been practcing the habits you currently have from birth. Carefully testing them, trying them all through childhood and puberty. In all different settings. So anything else will always feel counter intuitive.

Like ‘this is just not me’. It will never ever feel comfortable. On the contrary. It often feels more like suicide…..

It is not for nothing that people have less fear of death than they do of public speaking!

Yet there is hope. A lot of hope. 

By surrounding yourself with people on the same journey, who are willing to openly share. Share about their failures. Laugh about their pain. And willing to hear you on no matter how often you fall.

This podcast is here to encourage. To share my personal journey. Share stories from people we interview. Share guests who are willing to get their experience out there.

So we can start to light up the world with our presence. A little bit light more every single day!

Because if it is not US, then WHO?

Feel free to share with as many people as you like,

To leadership and love, xo Suze

PS Leave your questions here as comment so I can take these into the following episodes!