Not understanding your part of the Money Game: beliefs, Money Blueprint and Inner Game

Money can feel like something ‘outside of your control’. I know it has felt like that to me for many years.

But really, it’s very simple: find someone with a problem, solve it for them and ask for some money in return. Want more? Do that more often.

It doesn;t get ANY more complicated than that.

So why does it feel so different?

This week we will dive deep into playing games, and what gets you to the level of playing to WIN!

Next week we will start with the Money Interviews.

Over the past weeks I have been interviewing some AWESOME entrepreneurs. People who have been dealing with this game. Struggling. Diving in. And who were willing to share their own process.

People like Hugo Bakker, Mindy Stern, Stephanie Ward, Brigitte van Tuijl, Kate Northrup, Mike Watts, Azim Sahu-Kan, Erno Hannink. Allan Kleynhans and Nathalie Berenschot.

I have learnt SO much myself from these interviews!!!! I recommend listening to all of them and really take all the nuggets to heart! Next week I will introduce all of these people and share the general insights. After that we’ll start with the first interview.

Stay tuned, have a great week.

xox Suze