This week an overview of the 5 biggest Money Mistakes.

Most people think that mistakes are all about the ‘spending habits’ ‘wrong investment stuff’ etcetera. The 5 mistakes we will be discussing here are really about the underlying things that cause these to happen.

Listen to todays episode and you will learn how your Inner Game is really at the heart of it all!

If you are willing to look into this game, and how you are playing this game, you will see anyone really CAN win it!

Here are the 5 mistakes. Over the coming 5 weeks we will dive deeper into each of these.

1 Not managing Money – whole topic in itself!
2 Money will solve my Problems: Thinking it is the solution to your problems
3 Dealing with money through emotions versus a system – a Game Plan
4 No Control over Money: Believing some ‘outside source’ is the problem and the answer
5 Not understanding your part of the Money Game: beliefs, Money Blueprint and Inner Game

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Stay tuned and hear all about the first mistake ‘Not Managing your Money’ next week!

Have an awesome week, bye for now,

xo Suze