The most counter intuitive one Money Pattern of them all: Your Money patterns are made with LOVE.

Most people I talk to are so frustrated by money – or by not having money – or by talking about money: I mean, money doesn;t even mean anything, right? – that the word love and money just don’t go together in one sentence.

When we do try to put them in one sentence, we almost instantly hit very old pain. The pain of not deserving or of not being enough.

Because if money and love would be one thing, and we have no money, than we might not have love also, or even worse: we might not deserve it. So we try hard to talk ourself out of this, and say it is juts a coincidence. I know I have done that for many years.

Until a few years ago, where I finally understood HOW they are tied together. And how your money patterns actually show you love.

Whatever the pattern is: it is showing you love.

Just bare with me and try to understand for this one podcast: cast your beliefs to the side for a few minutes and see if you get it. If you do, it WILL open a whole new flow. I promise you!

The art is, to acknowledge that what you are getting is actually GOOD for you. And then to try and understand in what way it is good. Once we get that, we can find different ways of serving that one thing.

This always need an example, because trying to understand why debt would be good is not an easy thing.

I used to always be in debt. I made good money, but I would still have debt. I just neglected money. I wanted nothing to do with it. I avoided the entire subject. And money itself for that matter…..

So where would this be good? How could this show love?
The q I asked myself was this: what is this pattern serving?
The first answer that came to me was the fact that my mom would always tell me that I am exactly like my dad.

Listen to the podcast to hear the whole story of how the habit of avoiding my money actually served me when I grew up.

Through my pattern, I tried to secretly show my dad how I love him.

I now found new ways to show my love. And in opening my envelopes, I actually now show love.
I still hide. I still see how I have this habit of hiding. But now it is not something I need punishment for. It doesn;t make me a bad person. It shows my love for my dad.

So every time I find myself hiding, I look at a picture of my dad, call him, and say: hi.

This pattern goes way beyond money. It goes to everything of value. showing my friends how much I care. Receiving from people. It all had to be secret. So every time I feel intimacy, I run and hide. And when I find myself doing that, I just embrace myself, feel the love, and open up and tell people what is going on.

And now I ask myself: how would I really WANT to show love?

And what habits would I want to develop to actually nourish and serve the life I want to live?

More on that next week!

Enjoy your week and stay tuned,

xo Suze