The weird thing is: most people actually don’t manage their money, AND think it is the solution to your problems

This brings us back to the whole series on Principles to Unlocking your Life we did in episodes 1-8, so if you want to learn about all the subconscious triggers, please listen to those again.
But it is kind of weird isn’t it?
You think money will be the solution to almost everything.
And then you don’t manage it!!
The good news is: it is NOT the solution.
The bad news is: uncovering the stuff that keeps you from taking action actually IS
But for different reasons than you think.
NOT because it will bring you more money….. although it probably will….

So why is it NOT the solution?

Look at what people tend to say, you might think these thoughts too:
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • It’s more enlightened to be poor than rich
  • Most people probably did something bad or dishonest to get their money
  • Having a lot of money will make me less spiritual or pure
  • Getting rich takes hard work and struggle
  • Having a lot of money is a big responsibility
  • I don;t feel ‘good enough’ to be rich
  • Realistically, chances are I will never be rich
  • Getting rich is a matter of luck or fate
  • Getting rich isn;t for people like me
  • Striving for wealth won;t allow much time for anything else in life
  • To be rich, you have to use people and take advantage of them
  • If I get rich, everyone will want something from me
And I could go on for a few minutes.
You might have read an article about what happens to people who win a big money prize. They tend to end up in the same old situation -or worse- within 2 years.
Ok, you might say, but still. I would never end up broke after that!
Well, you might, and you might not.
The thing is: it is YOU who has to deal with that money. 
Look around in your mind and think of the rich people you know or have heard of.
Who comes up?
Fact is: there are many many people who do GREAT stuff with their money.
And there are many bad people who do awful stuff with it.
But now look around: who do you know who is average?
Many people, with bad behavior, and many great people.
Now broke people: many great, many bad broke people
Fact is: money has NOTHING to do with it!

Money will just make ‘what you already are’ bigger

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So if you are an awful person who takes advantage over people, money will make it worse
If you are a good person, caring and loving, generous, money will make that bigger.
Have you ever thought: If I where a better person, I would be more deserving and have more money?
Well that is just not true.
Money is neither the solution, nor the fault, nor the consequence.
It just simply has NO CONNECTION! to any of this.
It is merely the RESULT of having a good system in place.
If you have probems, money will give you new ones.
I always wanted other people to take care of my house, my garden etc
I thought: if I had money I would be free.
Now I have this, and I have to manage these people.
That is a BIG problem sometimes.
I don;t have to clean the house anymore, but I still have problems. Just different ones.
Fact is: if you are problem focused, you will also be that with money. 
Just new problems.
Money doesn’t solve ANYTHING. 
AND, even more importantly: if you have all of these negative thoughts, it will enhance these.
I had a subconscious belief: if I have money, people will leave me. 
I wsn;t aware of that, not at any level….
But every penny that came in made me feel lonely deep down.
So I bought thousands of gifts etc
I literally bought off my guilt.
I tried to buy my friends.
Not CONSCIOUS, but still…… I awas also so busy I never had to feel anything.
The feelings where to awful, so I simply denied their existence…
I first had to learn how to relate in a meaningful way. 
THEN money brought value and enabled me to help others.
And the good news is: learning to relate better improved my company.
And THAT helped me to earn a lot more, to start serving people rather than ‘making money’.
So money can do a lot.
It helps a lot.
But it doesn’t SOLVE your problems.

You need to solve those FIRST, and THEN money can be a good resource.

Stay tuned for mistake number 3 next week: delaing with money through emotions rather than a system.

Have a great week,

xo Suze