Why you should never let money (or a lack of money) stop you from living your bigger purpose.

Why does that person need to make more money? Doesn’t he have enough?
Maybe it is not for the money!

Or: I can’t do that now, I need money first, then I can start.
Is that really the best way to start?

We tend to want the whole end thing in one go.
The problem is that that is not how nature works.

You weren’t whole in one go. And when are you even?
When you die? Or now? Or how can you tell?

Maybe, the whole issue is NOT about being ‘ready’ or ‘who’, but about sharing the process.
Maybe, your process is relevant in and of itself.

Bees look for food. In doing so, they do cross pollination. Without ever intending that.
You will never know your bigger thing. Just go. Unapologetically!

Your ship is aready out there at sea, so you might as well enjoy the journey it is making!

Just be present. Let go of perfection. Follow your journey and never let money stop you.

Money is just the result!

Next week we will be starting a new series on the 5 biggest mistakes people make around money. The first episode will be an overview of these 5 mistakes, followed by in depth episodes around them afterwards.

Stay tuned and feel free to share this podcast! Also, let us know what YOUR biggest mistake has been. We might take it up in our podcast!!

xo Suze